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Microfilm: Snapshot of a Document Management Lifesaver

Posted on May 17, 2017 11:17:15 AM by Moises Cardenas

Microfilm: Snapshot of a Document Management Lifesaver




In an age of information inundation, one can find that library catalogues, back issues of company brochures, receipts, administrative files, and even blueprints clutter work and office space. Major academic institutions and cutting edge corporations are finding that they possess valuable documents and priceless records, yet face increasing problems with storage space.

Imagine the hundreds of blueprints an engineering firm might retain! Consider the over-flowing amount of periodicals of weekly papers that daunt public libraries or other similar locales! Although the scope of these industries varies, they share the same pivotal need for efficient CMS (Content Management Systems). 

While it might be highly important to keep a blueprint for an antiquated aluminum casting on file in case patent concerns arise in the engineering world, is it necessary to keep sets of potentially useful documents in a disorganized office closet? Management and administration would wholeheartedly agree that space poses the most immediate threat to maintaining appropriate documentation. Piles of paper are very unsightly.

Microfilm is the perfect alternative to a messy office space.

Microfilm is a trusted and vital means of storing data. Microfilm contains tiny slides containing copies of documents that are rolled up into small canisters. The slides are conveniently stored and the issue of space is resolved. Microfilm operates quite similarly to film itself and is accessed through a machine that magnifies the images on the rolls.

What is microfilm, besides a film-like substance that stores images?

  • Commonly used in public libraries to contain copies of newspapers
  • A cost-efficient means of saving documentation for later study
  • A material used by scientists, healthcare professionals, lawyers, and others
  • A resource that is easily accessible with uncomplicated viewing machines

What are the benefits of using microfilm?

  • Microfilm is extremely popular in various industries and has a history of sturdiness
  • Researchers and reference librarians prefer having data preserved rather than destroyed
  • Microfilm storage comes with unique containers and would intrigue any researcher
  • Microfilm is preferred by some academics who cannot operate scanning technology
  • Learning a new way of storing information 

Why should microfilm be used instead of paper copies?

  • Microfilm is sturdier and less likely to deteriorate with time
  • Paper is easily torn, but the plastic of microfilm would not be damaged
  • Paper consumes more space and causes clutter

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