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The Paperless Revolution is coming (we’re serious this time)

Posted on Feb 8, 2017 12:50:50 PM by Nick Cafferky

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 The Paperless Revolution is coming (we’re serious this time)


The idea of an office that is 100 percent paperless is far from a new one; in fact, it is an idea that predates the internet. All the way back in 1975, Business Week came out with an article claiming that using paper in offices would start declining by 1980 and be dead within 10 years.


Unfortunately, here we are in 2017 and I still don’t have a flying car (another promise from the ‘70s I’m waiting to cash in on…or maybe I’m just thinking of the Jetsons), and I still see paper all over my office. What happened?

Well according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, we might finally be seeing that revolution slowly starting to take place. The article says that after peaking in 2007, the use of paper in the office has declined every year by about 1% to 2%. All in all, we’ve already seen a decrease of over 10% of paper in the past nine years. It might take longer than the ten years that Business Week told us it would be, but it’s nice to see that the process has begun. Feel free to read the rest of the article here. As for my flying car, we might still be a few years away from that, though I won’t know for sure until Elon Musk finally responds to my email.

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