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Document Scanning Services

Scanning Services in VA, MD, DC

 Interested in Document Scanning Services but not sure on how to begin the process? Discover why Imagex has been in business for 28 years and how we can successfully help you convert all of your paper. We provide document scanning services in northern Virginia and surrounding areas. There are many reasons companies look to scanning services to convert and digitize their documents, whether its to meet compliance standards, reduce office space, setting up a Content Management/Enteprise Information Mangement system, Imagex can help! 



Step 1 


Document Scanning Services

Meet the Customer (You)


We like to meet

and speak with you (in person or virtually)

so that we are able to get a sense of what

the project will entail

Step 2 
 Document Scanning Services
Proposal (Quote)

We will then generate a quote/proposal

based on the information that you give us.

We can also take 1-2 pilot boxes and scan 

them in to provide an accurate estimate 

based on the results

Step 3 
Document Scanning Services
Schedule Pick Up

We will arrange a pick up around your schedule

and one of our fully trained staff members

will pick up your documents in our

secure van. The driver will also begin

our quality control check process and 

confirm all boxes are accounted for prior to 




Step 4
Document Scanning Services
  Return to our Secure



We will immediately return with all of

the documents to our secure facility.

All of our staff are background checked and

require keycard entry to have access to any of the


 Step 5
Document Scanning Services
Prep (QC1)


Once inside our secure facility, we will begin our

"prep" work with your documents. This is our

way to guarantee all of your documents are properly

prepared to be scanned. We like to think of this as

another step in our Quality control process.


Step 6 
Document Scanning Services
 Scan Documents


We now begin the process of scanning all of your

documents and digitizing them. With our state of the art

production and software we make sure the job is done

quickly and accurately. 

Step 7 
 Document Scanning Services


As the scanning process finishes up, we Index

your files based on your requirements. We

make certain that everything is organized so you are able

to find all of your documents quickly based on the 

criteria that you requested. 


Step 8 
Document Scanning Services
QC 2

Our second Quality Control step is to confirm

that every single document was scanned

correctly, and that the image is

 is readable. We like to assure

every single document is treated with the 

utmost importance. 

Step 9 
shred or deliver
Document "Conversion"

We can now offer several services in handling your documents. 

Option 1
Document Scanning Services
Upload to an ECM?


What is an Electronic Management System and how can

it help my business and make finding all of my

information faster? Check out these links to learn more

about solutions that Imagex provides.  

Options 2 & 3
Document scanning

Return Your Documents

Or Securely Shred Them


We can return all of your documents to you so that you 

can keep them for your records. We can also

securely shred them in our facility so that we streamline

the process from start to finish.



Final Step 


Document Scanning Services


Don't Worry


We like to confirm that we handled the process correctly from start

to finish, so we will follow up to see if you were

satisfied with our Document Scanning Services. Our goal is to 

build a lasting relationship with our customers at




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