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Scanners Maintenance

Hardware MaintenanceChances are your business makes significant investments in scanners and imaging equipment; Imagex aims to keep that investment serviced and running efficiently. Our services range from economical offsite support services to next day replacment options.

Service Programs:

Depot Program

The ‘Depot’ service program was developed for customers who seek the peace of mind associated with a service agreement, but are on a tight budget. When a machine under the ‘Depot’ agreement malfunctions, the customer simply ships the malfunctioning unit to our Northern Virginia service bureau for repair. All costs for parts, labor and return shipping are covered by the Depot service agreement in addition to unlimited technical support and troubleshooting. However, preventative maintenance, consumables and software issues are not.

Carepak Program

The Imagex Carepak program is the next level up from our Depot service agreement. Under the Carepak program, simply place a service call and a replacement unit will be sent overnight to your location. Once the replacement arrives, simply return the malfunctioning unit to our Northern Virginia service bureau. The Carepak program is perfect for customers who desire simplicity and a quick turnaround, in an affordable package.

Advanced Exchange Program (AUR)

Currently our most popular service level agreement, Imagex’s Advanced Exchange (AUR) program is ideal for customers who depend on the uninterrupted operation of their equipment. Much like the Carepak agreement, AUR includes overnight delivery of a replacment unit. However, under the AUR program, Imagex will repair and return your original machine. All costs for shipping, parts, and labor are included in the agreement. Imagex's AUR program is the ideal choice for customers who depend on the uninterrupted operability of their equipment.

On-Site Service Program

Imagex offers on-site service to all locations in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Simply place a service call and one of our technicians will go on site to repair the machine. The On-site Service Program is ideal for customers who own big machines (mainly production scanners). 


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