ImageX Solutions

Healthcare Records Management Solution


The Medicare and Medicaid EHR “meaningful use” incentive programs have driven health care institutions to embrace technology and force change in their systems. Health care providers of all specialties and sizes are looking for the best way to qualify for these financial incentives while minimizing the disruption of their operational and administrative functions.


Imagex leverages its expertise to streamline the process of changing your Healthcare systems, enhancing HIPPA compliancy, and eliminate the cost of storage and courier services. Whether you need to make patient information immediately accessible whenever it is needed for diagnosis or treatment, or make patient records accessible around the globe, Imagex can help you solve the challenges within your health care organization while increasing staff productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.



 Infographics / Case Studies / White Papers:

"What is Electronic Records Manager (ERM)?" - AIIM

"What is Document Imaging?" - AIIM

"EMR System Through Records Scanning" - Imagex

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