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Legal Document Management


Legal professionals process a very high volume of documents, from briefs to court documents and depositions. The method used when filing these papers is crucial because they have to be accessible to everyone working on the same case while also maintaining these documents confidential and secure. 


Imagex can assist you with  a compliant document management solution. From helping you digitize all paper files to implementing a document management software that  makes legal practices more efficient and secure with powerful case management, CLS (continuous legal education) registry and discovery tool capabilities - All without the need to learn a new system. 


M-Files For Legal Practices

  M-Files' Top Benefits: 

  • All your documents in one place
  • Automate review and approval
  • Close more deals, faster
  • Anytime, anywhere access

 Infographics / Case Studies / White Papers:

"Legal Services and Document Scanning - When is useful?" - by Bob Larrive, Director of Custome Research at AIIM. 

"What is Electronic Records Manager (ERM)?" - AIIM

"What is Document Imaging?" - AIIM


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