ST Imaging Micrographics Scanner- ST Viewscan



St ViewScan 14 Megapixel


ST ViewScan lll Microfilm Scanner 14 Megapixel


A 14 megapixel color image sensor

with usb 3.0 connection



St ViewScan 5 Megapixel


 ST ViewScan lll 5 Megapixel


 A 5 Megapixel image sensor using a 

USB 3.0 Connection 

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“I highly recommend the ST ViewScan to any institution or organization that routinely uses microfilm and or microfiche.”
Highly Recommend the ST ViewScan - Lucia Flaim, Kansas Room Librarian



 A bit in love with the LoC’s microfilm machines. You can *crop* and *scan* and *adjust images on a computer screen* and then *save them*.

I’m in Love! @MissTreen


“The ST ViewScan makes my job easier and more efficient, true, but the really rewarding thing is seeing patrons adjust so easily and readily to the new reader.”

ST ViewScan is So Easy to Use! - Lucia Flaim, Kansas Room Librarian

The Underhill Reading Room’s new microfilm scanner is everything we always wanted – and more!

everything we always wanted – and more! - Twitter

This is one of the best technology purchases we’ve made in a while. Zoe just hugged the machine.

Lisa Prolman – Greenfield Public Library

“It’s a wonderful addition to the library, especially for history buffs,”

Gothenburg Public Library