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Have a potential client for Imagex Inc. that could use our Document Scanning Services, Hardware, or Software? Now get rewarded for it with our new referral program! See below for more information! 



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Has imagex helped you in the past with your 

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Going Paperless
 Have you waved paper goodbye?

Our Document Scanning Services streamline the entire

digitization process and make it easier for you

to go paperless! 

Step 1 
Frustrated with paper 
Have a quality lead?

Do you know someone that could use our services?

Someone who wants to go paperless, who is frustrated

with piles and piles of paper? A person who wants to 

intelligently sort all of their digital documents on 

an enterprise information management system?




Step 2
online form
Fill Out the Form

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page

with all of your referral contact information. 

 Step 3
set an appointment


Once we schedule and attend the appointment 

with your referral. (Must be face to face meeting

with prospective client to earn rewards) 


Step 4 
receive a gift card
 Receive Your Gift Card

We will now send you your $25 VISA gift card

regardless of how the meeting turned out! Its that

simple, no gimmicks! Be an Imagex

loyal referral customer today!

*There is no limit in how many references you can make!


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