Remittance Processing

Imagex can help provide faster processing and great accuracy through our innovative software solutions and professional services. Our Remittance processing solutions help increase efficiency while decreasing costs and implementation risks. Here’s how we can help you:


Remittance ProcessingTransaction Types

  • Single Coupon / Single Check
  • Multiple Coupon / Multiple Check
  • Coupon only, for payments previously deposited
  • Check only, deposit with/without posting
  • Check with list, where a single check pays multiple posting accounts



  • Lookup and verify posting information
  • Internally using data loaded into the Pilot INSTAPOSIT
  • Externally where data is available from a single posting application
  • Customizable posting export that can be used by a single posting application
  • Posting Report



  • Check 21 output for electronic deposit to a single financial institution
  • ACH export for electronic deposit to a single financial institution
  • Deposit report for all deposits, including physical deposits



  • Simplified workflow that processes items on demand by the user
  • Import
  • Validate/Verify
  • Export
  • No automated services or tasks to maintain or configure



  • Images and data are stored locally as long as the customer wants to keep them
  • All stored images and data are available for research and reporting



  • Simplified configuration screen provides access to all settings
  • Can be installed, configured, and tested within a couple of hours


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