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Imagex is a recognized woman-owned small business with more than 26 years of experience delivering solutions that can help your agency convert large volumes of paper-based information into secure digital documents, enabling you to provide increased public access to records and increase the speed of office workflows. On top of document scanning services, our government solutions include selling and servicing check, document, and microfilm/microfiche scanners at competitive government rates.

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Federal agencies are working toward two goals:

1. Requiring electronic records keeping to ensure transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

2. Demonstrating compliance with federal records management statutes and regulations.

Federal, state, and local governments are facing increasing demands from the public for access to information at a time and place of their choosing. In addition, government contractors are being held to even higher standards by the government, and the number of documents produced daily is growing rapidly in these organizations. Each and every activity needs to be recorded and stored.


Imagex offers a breadth of services that help government organizations manage their content across the enterprise. In order to provide our clients best-in-class service, we pride ourselves on our specialized industry knowledge, enabling us to create the perfect ECM solution for your organization. Our expertise spreads over an abundance of industries.

Give us a call at (703) 883-2500 or contact us online to learn more about our industry solution options.

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