Local businesses trust Imagex for customized document management solutions. From our suite of services, we tailor a document management process to fit your specific needs. We serve companies of all sizes across multiple industries, from government to medical to legal and many more. We’re ready to fulfill your records retention requirements by creating secure, organized, and readily accessible digital files. We also support your advanced imaging hardware and scanner maintenance needs.

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Document Management Solutions for Reston-Area Businesses

At Imagex, we provide end-to-end management of your business documents. We can convert paper documents and microfiche and/or microfilm records to digital files. We securely shred and dispose of scanned documents, as well as provide prompt, expert service for your scanners and imaging equipment.

Document Scanning Services in Reston

We digitize your paper documents, producing high-quality electronic versions that you can easily access as needed. We also offer archiving and cloud backup for your newly (or nearly) paperless office. These steps can improve your workplace productivity as well as data security. Creating digital records also makes disaster recovery simpler, should it ever be necessary, helping you get back in business quickly.

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Reston Paper Shredding Services

Imagex offers full-service document shredding for businesses throughout the Reston, VA area. Count on Imagex to conveniently rid your office of bulky paper documents and provide secure document destruction. Let us securely pick up and destroy your paper documents to save you storage space, keep your workplace tidy, and limit access to sensitive information. Every step in our paper shredding process keeps your document content safe, and we can provide evidence of destruction for compliance needs.

Microfilm & Microfiche Services in Reston

We’re here to make your microfilming chores simpler, so you can easily keep records up to date. We can also create digital files from your microfilm, with secure online access to simplify your workflow.

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Hardware Maintenance in Reston

We provide expert maintenance to keep your scanning hardware running smoothly and avoid business interruption. We provide replacement units as needed in our Carepak program. On-site repairs and support for imaging equipment are available in the Reston area. Choose the hardware maintenance service level that works best for your business.

Purpose of Document Destruction

In the modern office, paper documents are often a temporary repository for data. Paper has become a cumbersome intermediate step in the digitization process ― sometimes risky, but still often necessary.

Our dependable and secure document shredding services help you achieve an organized, clutter-free, paperless workplace. Whether your document shredding needs are related to office policy or best practices to protect sensitive data, Imagex offers an efficient, streamlined solution.

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Benefits of Full-Service Paper Shredding

Secure shredding of documents protects sensitive financial data, trade secrets, contract details, confidential notes, privileged information, health records, and more from unauthorized viewing and improper use.

Destruction of paper documents containing private data is particularly useful, and often legally required, for governmental agencies, medical practices, and law firms.

Once paperwork filled with sensitive information, such as personal customer, client, or patient data, is destroyed, evidence of successful shredding can be provided.

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Why Choose Imagex for Document Shredding in Reston, VA?

Our reliable, full-service document destruction service includes:

  • Convenient Document Pickup: Our staff picks up your files and shredding bins on a regular schedule, or as needed. We transport the paper documents securely to our high-tech shredding facility, maintaining a validated chain of custody.
  • Secure Shredding Process: Security is paramount for effective document shredding.  Our data security procedures ensure that your documents arrive safely. Within our controlled-access facility, our shredding equipment obliterates your paper files so that they are impossible to reconstruct, piece together, or read from.
  • Certificate of Destruction: This statement provides proof of document destruction for your assurance and/or legislative compliance needs.
  • Established Company: In choosing Imagex, you partner with one of the most experienced paper shredding companies in the business.  Businesses throughout Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland trust Imagex for paper shredding services.
  • Customer Focus: Our friendly staff is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are here to answer your questions, explain our process, and provide your free quote.

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Schedule Your Document Management Service with Imagex Today

At Imagex, we keep your business documents safe and organized, so you can focus on running your company. We free you from the stress associated with physical, on-site storage of crucial work documents, medical records, or client files. With three decades of experience, we have the expertise your industry demands.

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