Scanner & Imaging Hardware Maintenance in Maryland

If you’re seeking the ideal method for keeping your Maryland scanning and imaging hardware in dependable form, you’ve come to the right place — Imagex specializes in comprehensive hardware maintenance. With our team of skilled technicians, offsite support solutions, and hardware replacements, we’re the ideal choice for dependable service in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC areas.

Reach us any time online to find out more about our hardware maintenance services and programs, or call (703) 883-2500 to speak with an Imagex team member in Maryland now.

Depot Program

Our most cost-minded service solution, the Depot Program, aims to provide a stable baseline for your maintenance and scanner hardware support needs. This program covers all costs associated with shipping a malfunctioning machine to our facility for routine repair. Included are parts, labor, return shipping. The Depot Program also offers unlimited troubleshooting and support, though it does lack the preventive maintenance and software repairs of other programs.

Interested in signing on for the Depot Program? You can do so online, or you can call (703) 883-2500! 

Carepak Program

The Carepak Program offers all of the advantages of the Depot Program for Maryland businesses, but it goes a step further. In addition to cost coverage, clients utilizing the Carepak Program can ship malfunctioning or damaged imaging or scanner systems to our location, and a replacement will be sent to you using overnight express. If you’re seeking a fast, affordable offering that helps to keep your business productive without interruptions caused by machine failure, this is the program for you.

Call (703) 883-2500 to find out more about the Carepak Program from Imagex in Maryland, or contact us online to get started now! 

Advanced Exchange Program

If your business hinges on uninterrupted work, or if you require constant access to scanning, imaging, or associated systems, then our Imagex Advanced Exchange (AUR) Program is the ideal choice. The AUR includes overnight hardware replacement; however, your original machine will be assessed, repaired, and inspected. Once we’re certain the system is back in good working form, it will be returned to you at no additional cost.

The Advanced Exchange Program is our number one choice for businesses seeking superior hardware maintenance programs. Connect online and get started today! 

On-Site Service Program

Production scanners and other large-scale imaging and scanning systems are too cumbersome for traditional transportation. Don’t worry — Imagex has you covered. Our On-Site Service Program is available for Maryland businesses and throughout Maryland, Virginia, and DC. Our professionals will come to your location to provide repair services, anytime you need us.

Software Maintenance

Tier one technical support is something we’re proud to provide to all businesses within Maryland. We take calls directly in-house — no third-party systems — and we interface with local businesses directly in order to provide software troubleshooting, software version upgrades, patching, and more for our complete product range.

Software maintenance and support comes in three varieties: Standard will net you all patches and fixes, as well as complete call support. Enhanced provides additional phone assistance for version upgrade installation, while Premium offers our clients all of the above services at a reduced charge rate.

Call Imagex for Scanner & Imaging Hardware Maintenance in Maryland and the Surrounding Areas of MD, VA, and DC

Our experienced teams strive to provide your business with the support and products you need. We understand that your business requires dependability, and so we aim to offer precisely that when it comes to our services and the systems we maintain.

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