Secure Shredding Services in Washington, D.C.

Imagex is here to make your paperless office and data digitization goals easy to achieve. One of our core services is secure, full-service document shredding. This service is designed to meet your Washington, D.C. business’s shredding needs, especially those related to data privacy and compliance with business security norms.

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Benefits of Professional Document Shredding for Washington, D.C. Businesses

As a leader in the professional document handling and secure document shredding industry, we comply with all laws and regulations for sensitive document destruction.  If your company operates in the legal, governmental, or medical industries, proper document handling and shredding is, of course, crucial to maintaining public trust and legal compliance.

Major advantages of our secure document shredding services include:

  • Relieves uncertainty and stress that your company’s sensitive details have been properly destroyed and that your private data (and proprietary information) remains private.
  • Simple, clean, and secure trash removal method.
  • Conserves landfill space.
  • Brings satisfaction that yours is an environmentally friendly business, handling customer information responsibly.
  • Earns public trust.

Complies with laws and regulations set by federal or state agencies about document destruction and data protection. We can provide official documentation as evidence that your secure document shredding was completed (and the date it occurred).

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Why Choose Imagex for Secure Shredding?

Imagex provides complete document security and safe shredding, including:

  • Convenient Document Pickup – Imagex picks up documents and files from your location for your convenience and to maintain a secure chain of custody.
  • Complete Security – Our procedures are designed to protect your documents and the information therein while in transit and throughout the shredding facility. Our equipment shreds documents so that the output is impossible to reassemble or read.
  • Significant Experience – Our company brings years of experience to the task of document security and digitization for legal firms, medical practices, and hospitals, as well as governmental agencies.
  • Responsive Customer Service – Imagex customer service representatives are always prepared to offer free quotes for service, explain our document shredding procedures, and answer your questions.

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Document Shredding FAQ

Why should I use professional document shredding services?

If you opt to do your own in-house document shredding, you’re creating a security risk. Your company’s, customers’, and employees’ private documents (and the sensitive information they contain) are valuable. Make sure you protect that information by having your shredding done by a professional, reliable, and secure shredding company.

Why not have my in-house staff shred documents?

Asking your in-house staff to shred documents makes it simple for sensitive information to be stolen. In-house employees know exactly which documents contain valuable company or customer information — and junior employees may not be fully loyal to your company. Even senior staff could be tempted in certain situations. Also, wouldn’t you rather have staff working on your core business activities?

We simply recycle our unneeded paper documents — is that a problem?

When you take documents containing potentially sensitive customer or company information to a recycling center, that information is not handled securely. Of course, your clients or customers expect you to secure their data, especially when identity theft is prevalent.

In addition, your company’s trade secrets could be revealed in your unshredded recycled documents. That’s why contracting with an experienced shredding company, like Imagex, is crucial.

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