CR 180

  • If checks are stopping at same place, check for jammed pieces of paper and remove them. If there is no jam, then turn the scanner off, then on, and restart software and try to scan.

  • See CR180II instructions for cleaning and adjusting the separation roller gap.

To clean the glass on the CR180II Check Scanner

  1. Lift up the top cover to open the scanner.

  2. Open the right side cover to the scanner.

  3. Once both covers are open, push down the grey button that is located on the front of the reading unit.

  4. The reading unit is now open and the glass is exposed. Please note: If your scanner has 2 BLACK PADS on the rear glass—AVOID TOUCHING THEM. 

  5. Wipe the glass with 90% rubbing alcohol pad and clean as much as you can reach—without touching the black pads.

  6. You will note that when you separate the reading unit, the area closest to you is the rear of the reading unit. This area of the glass may have most of the ink build-up and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Also, make sure that you clean the black plastic around the glass.

  7. Finish by wiping the glass with a dry micro-fiber cloth towel.

  8. Please DO NOT attempt to clean the rollers by yourself. This cleaning procedure exposes many sensitive areas within the scanner and damage may occur easily.

Adjusting the Separation Roller Gap

On the front of the CR180II is a separation gap dial. This dial adjusts how much width an average check needs to feed through the scanner without letting a second check feed on top of the first (piggyback). This dial is recognized by the markings of a thin line on the left and thick line on the right. When feeding checks and a second check piggybacks the first, adjust the dial a few clicks towards the thin line (left) to close the gap a little. This should eliminate the piggyback problem.

If the adjustment is set too far to the left, the checks will have a difficult time feeding through the front section so adjust the knob a few clicks to the right.

If the scanner still piggybacks or jams in front after these adjustments, then the adjustment rollers may need to be replaced.


CR55 and CR25

  • If a green light flashes, check for jams and make sure back door is fully closed.

  • If checks are piggybacking and jamming, turn the front knob (gap adjustment) clockwise.


Canon Micrographics

  • If there is no power, make sure all doors are closed and the AC plug is tightly installed.

  • If there is no light, replace bulb (some bulbs may look okay, but they are not).

  • If film will not load, check that the film in the cartridge is installed correctly.

  • If copies are light, check toner level and check bulb. Also, check image polarity and exposure setting.

Error Codes

  • L1- no paper in printer

  • L2- tonier is low in cartridge

  • L4- printer door is open

  • L5- defective lamp

  • L7-needs access card

  • L8- wrong size paper

  • L9-printer is turned off or cable is not plugged in