2 Secure Shredding Tips From The Pros

Securely shredded paper

Part of running a business isn’t just managing documents, but shredding or destroying them when you are done with them. By properly shredding your documents you are doing a better job of protecting sensitive information about you, your company, and your clients. In this post, we will look at two helpful secure shredding tips from the pros.

1. Cut Down on Your Paper Usage: One of the best ways to cut down on how much shredding you have to do is to first cut down on how much paper you use. Many companies have drastically reduced their paper consumption and this not only helps the environment, it cuts down on their printing expenses and other overhead costs like purchasing paper and storing documents. Evaluate the different ways your company could reduce paper use. Switch to online bank statements, emailed phone and utility bills, and online credit card information, to start. You can also look into different ways to switch all of you paper documents into electronic files and securely managing everything on your devices.

2. Don’t Forget to Shred Other Things: Confidential and sensitive paper documents aren’t the only things that need destroying, you’re probably also going to need a way to effectively destroy devices once you are done using them. Things like old smartphones, SD cards, SIM cards, hard drives, and thumbs drives will all need to be destroyed after use. If you fail to properly destroy these things, you are at serious risk for sensitive information being leaked or stolen. You can talk to a professional shredder or legal document management company about ways to properly destroy these items.

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