3 Questions to Consider Before Working with a Legal Document Management Company


Is your law practice thinking about streamlining your document management by going paperless? From lengthy depositions to briefs, law professionals typically handle a high volume of documents. That’s why it’s crucial to keep every document secure and in an area that is accessible to other staff members. Cloud-based document management can encourage collaboration and make it easier for attorneys to access case files, edit documents, upload and share documents with colleagues. When you work in the legal field, it’s important that you partner with a legal document management company that you can trust and meet your specific needs. Here are several questions you should consider before you decide to switch over.

Do you have a preference for software or a cloud-based solution?

First, consider whether software or a cloud-based system would work better for your legal practice. Although software may work for smaller practices with just one server, a cloud-based legal document management software is a more flexible and robust solution – especially if you have more than one location. A cloud-based platform can makes it easier for different branches to collaborate on different cases.

What is your overall budget?

Next, talk with your financial department and establish a preliminary budget for a legal document management service. Contact different companies and ask questions about how they price their services. Depending on their answers, you should be able to find a company that is within your budget range.

Does the vendor have specialized offerings or a complete document management solution?

Some vendors have a limited service offering, while others offer a robust, all-in-one document management package. Although the first option may be less expensive in the moment, it may be more expensive in the long run since your firm may have to hire more vendors to fill in the gaps. However, if you go with a company that offers all-in-one document management services, your law firm can finally get back to focusing on work and not have to worry.

For more information about our legal document management services, please contact us today to request a quote. Imagex can assist your firm by providing a compliant document management solution to streamline your workflow and digitize every file. Our document management software can help make your legal practice more efficient and secure.