5 Ways to Benefit from Converting Paper to Digital Files

Finger touching digital icons

Digitizing your paper files is a modern and smart solution to your record-keeping needs. How can upgrading your paper files to a digital storage system help you?

Organizational Benefits:
Once all the information in your paperwork is translated to an electronic format, your data becomes searchable and infinitely more manageable. Digital records allow data to be more easily uploaded to charts and spreadsheets, or shared electronically with clients, as needed.

Remote Access and Access to Multiple Users:
A digital storage solution means you and your employees are no longer tied to paper files, allowing necessary records to be utilized by multiple team members simultaneously. No more waiting to share files or endless photocopying of sometimes sensitive information. Further, digital records can be easily accessed away from the office, and work doesn’t stop because the right paper didn’t make it home.

Secure Access and User Accountability:
Digital storage facilitates more effective and efficient monitoring of access to certain records. Information can be password protected, allowing you to control documents and protect privacy.

Paper is easily lost and damaged. It corrodes over time. Further, paper records are vulnerable to losses, such as fire or water damage. Your essential information should not be threatened by a coffee spill or a careless toss in a recycling bin, not only for your own piece of mind but also for the diligence due to the clients you serve.

Space Saving:
Paper records are hopelessly bulky. They are difficult to move and manage. A digital records solution helps you maximize your available space.

With multiple digital storage systems available, Imagex, Inc. will work with you to find the storage solution most compatible with your needs. We will even store your paper records for you if you’re not quite ready to let them go. Contact us to learn more about our simple 6-step process that will help you seamlessly transition from paper to digital storage, and modernize your records.