Document Scanning in Chevy Chase

Document Scanning Services in Chevy Chase

Purpose of Document Scanning

Document Scanning Services for Your Chevy Chase Business

Comprehensive, high-tech scanning services from Imagex help you create a digital filing system that can transform your workplace into a nearly paperless office. Digitizing paper documents through digital scanning helps eliminate paper clutter, replace bulky filing cabinets and endless papers with an electronic filing system, increase data security, and optimize your company’s operations.

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Benefits of Paper Scanning Services

Clear Clutter & Save Money With Digital Scanning Services in Chevy Chase

The whole reason you want to scan your documents in the first place is to efficiently clean up the clutter on your desk or in your office. Make files readily available and indexable while creating more space for growth. Creating electronic files from paper documents offers many business advantages, including:

  • Clears clutter and lifts morale. An organized and uncrowded desk/office provides a psychological lift. It makes your business appear more modern, organized, and professional to your staff, potential new hires, and your clients/customers or patients.
  • Makes files easily shareable and readily indexable for your search queries, analysis, and group projects.
  • Frees up physical office space for growth and/or reduces your need for office square footage to save money.
  • Enhances data security, keeping sensitive information from accidental or intentional loss, destruction, or unauthorized viewing. Digital files are easier to secure than paper files.
  • Reduces operating costs associated with filing, organizing, securing, and pulling data from paper documents.
  • Increases staff efficiency and productivity. Highly trained staff can be focused on higher-level tasks, and/or headcount may be reduced due to simpler filing and file management.
  • Simplifies your business disaster recovery plan. You’ll be able to restore from a secure digital repository and arrange regular, automatic backups.

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Why Choose Imagex for Document Scanning Services?

Full-Service Document Management Services in Chevy Chase

  • User-friendly software. We provide comprehensive cloud-based document management software.
  • Properly configured scanning equipment for quick, efficient, high-quality scanning.
  • Careful document preparation. We remove staples, paper clips, and other bindings for proper scanning. Sticky notes and other small pieces of paper are preserved, scanned, and cropped to size.
  • Clear scans. Scanners are cleaned multiple times daily to ensure nearly perfect representations of the original.
  • Misfeed prevention, which avoids damage to originals and prevents missed scans.
  • Unique file names assigned for precise indexing, making it simple to find documents later.
  • Meticulous quality checking. Our quality assurance team visually inspects completed scans and pulls incomplete items for re-scanning.
  • Industry-leading encryption keeps your data safe during transfer and storage.
  • Flexible, customized scanning services. We can design a service package to meet your specific needs.

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Why Digitize Your Documents?

SIGNIFICANT COST REDUCTIONS — Most organizations who start scanning do so to realize significant cost reductions, particularly those associated with:

  • Managing and storing medical records
  • Managing and storing financial records
  • Photocopying
  • Faxing
  • Physical storage space
  • Shipping
  • Expenses
  • Employees
  • Overtime
  • Courier services
  • Administrative costs (such as filing and retrieving)
  • Legal document production

LEGAL COMPLIANCE – Organizations of all sizes now must comply with laws, requests, and audits from HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and FOIA. Many of these regulations provided an initial grace period for smaller businesses, but the time to comply is now at hand. This has created a need to implement document retention policies and strategies and to seek technology that can help manage all business information more efficiently.

DISASTER RECOVERY – We are living in a time when there is an unprecedented number of natural disasters, including tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. When taken in concert with man-made disasters such as fire or terrorism, businesses of all sizes are highly vulnerable. Unless the affected organization has a fully implemented disaster recovery plan, it is likely its operations will be shut down. Inc. reported that 75% of small and medium-sized businesses have no disaster recovery plan and that 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster.

Your business’s future depends on the choices that you make today. Give Imagex a call at (703) 883-2500 or reach out to us online to schedule your document scanning service in Chevy Chase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is document scanning?

Document scanning is the procedure of using software and high-speed scanners to transfer an image or text from paper to a digital file. The image can then be indexed and stored in a document storage system, giving users the ability to navigate through many documents quickly.

What exactly does the scanning process involve?

  • Pickup
  • Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Shredding

How secure will my documents be at your site?

Your scanning project will be handled by our professionals with expertise in document imaging. You can be assured of the careful and confidential handling of all your sensitive documents that are kept at our secure location.


Our Process

Step #1

Meet customer and review proposal

Step #2

Schedule pickup and return to facility

Step #3

Prep and scan documents

Step #4

Index documents and perform quality control

Step #5

Upload to a format of your choice (PDF, USB, etc.)

Step #6

Return your documents, shred them, or store them

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