Canon’s CR-190 Check Scanner

Check being written

When an organization is dealing with large volumes of checks, a reliable scanner that is fast and efficient is critical to business operations. The CR190 scanner is packed with new features and functionality that will decrease human error while increasing operational efficiencies. The CR-190″…uses magnetic/optical character recognition (MOCR) technology. This combines MICR reading with OCR processing to ensure accurate MICR data capture without sacrificing speed.” What does this mean to you?

MOCR will decrease the time it takes for manual rekeying and indexing of the documents once scanned. Older models do not offer the MOCR functionality and manual data entry of large batches could mean hours, days, or even multiple resources spending this amount of time (pending the organizations transactional volume). In fact, the older models are not only slower, but they only offer MICR reading functionality. Your organization is likely missing all the features and functionality that MOCR has to offer.

Fewer things are more frustrating when large batches jam. Resources will spend less time clearing the feeder and less time validating all documents scanned into the system correctly at the time of the load error. In the rare event that a double-feed occurs, the ultrasonic double-feed detectorensures no data is lost. Why spend time correcting errors caused by dated hardware? The CR-190 helps eliminate document mishandling with the new jogger that has been incorporated into this model.

Organizations need to consider the time involved correcting issues caused by hardware needing replacement and recognize that missing functionality only seen in the new models means a significant cost savings. These soft costs are hard to realize but far outweigh the hard cost spent on a machine that will improve the user experience and overall pace of the workforce. A quality machine is an investment but it is one that is worth the expense. Human resources can now spend time working on problems that matter – your problem scanner shouldn’t be the focus.