Converting From Paper to Digital: Why The Cloud is Safer Than Keeping Data on Your Computer

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So, you’ve finally upgraded your business to the digital age. You’ve stopped using old-fashioned paper documents, you’ve scanned in all the old papers to digitize them, and you’re storing everything you need to run your business on your computers. That’s a good start, but if you really want all the advantages modern technology can offer, you should consider moving that data onto the cloud, instead of keeping it all on your local drives.

Especially when you consider the huge increases in convenience, safety, and security that cloud storage offers when compared to keeping your data on local drives, or stored in an on-site server.

Why The Cloud is Safer Than Keeping Data on Your Computer

If you’re not sure that storing your data in an off-site location is good for your business, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. For example, do you ever have emergencies when employees are not at, or cannot get to, the office when they need access to company data? Do you purchase the latest in virus security, and maintain a team of IT professionals to safeguard your information? Do you wish there was an easier way to transfer data to new machines than to painstakingly pull it from one drive, and put it into a new computer or tablet whenever you replace an old piece of technology?

These are the kinds of issues that cloud storage was meant to address. When it comes to security, for instance, these companies depend on the trust of their clients. For that reason, cloud storage companies implement significantly more powerful security measures than most businesses employ on their own. That includes the latest software protection, as well as IT professionals whose only job is to maintain customers’ safety, security, and privacy. Additionally, because of the nature of cloud storage, clients can access their information from anywhere. So, whether you’re snowed in on a Saturday, or you’re at a convention and need to pull up a certain contract, all it takes is Internet access and a device for you to get access to the information you need. Whether you’re at a desktop, using a laptop, or all you have is a tablet, or your smartphone, you can still get the job done safely, and securely.

You’re Not Giving Up Anything

For some businesses, moving into the cloud feels scary. Much like moving from paper files to electronic ones feels like giving up a real record for an unreal one, moving those unreal records into a theoretical space can give management heart palpitations. It’s bad enough that they can’t hold their records in their hands, but when those records aren’t even on-site, how can they be sure they’re safe?

In short, because where the records are being stored is a digital vault with triple-layer security, and teams of 24-hour-a-day guards watching for anyone trying to get access who isn’t supposed to have it. In short, it’s the difference between putting your money in a small safe in the basement, and putting it in a bank vault.

Now, does that make cloud storage facilities impregnable? Of course not! Banks can still get robbed, after all. However, putting your records in the cloud does increase the sheer amount of security that’s on your data. That puts the odds in your favor, which is exactly the sort of break most businesses are looking for when it comes to keep their files safe and secure.

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