Does Your Business Need Secure Shredding Services?

Shredded paper

No matter what your business does, you have to deal with some fairly sensitive information. Whether it’s customer billing info, credit card numbers, or personal data, or something similar, you can’t afford to let that slip through your fingers. So what do you do? Well, you run it through the shredder obviously.

But is that enough for your peace of mind? And just how much time are you spending on document destruction that you could (or should) be spending on running your business?

Secure Shredding Keeps You Safe

Document shredding is one of those things you don’t think about that much, until something goes wrong. But the sheer amount of time you spend shredding documents, the cost of buying and maintaining shredders, and disposal of all that paper is something your business has to deal with. And even if it’s not causing a noticeable drain on your day-to-day operations, it is time and cost you could spend elsewhere, if you wanted to.

But someone else would have to do your shredding for you.

That’s where secure shredding services come into the picture. You, as the client, are given a locked box with a hole to slide in unwanted documents. Then, on a pre-arranged day, your shredding service shows up, takes all the documents, and shreds them on the spot. The shredded paper is controlled, bundled, and then transported to a facility where it is typically recycled. This means that from the time the documents leave your hand, to the time they’re turned into new paper, there is no chance for them to fall into the wrong hands. It’s even impossible for someone to reconstruct the shredded pages, because they’re constantly kept in secure locations.

You want to talk about peace of mind? That’s how you get it.

For more information on secure shredding, document destruction, and other secure ways of making sure your business’s data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, simply contact us today!