Education & Microforms: Transitioning to the Digital Age

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What are Microforms?

Microforms are tiny pictures of documents, such as newspaper clippings and manuals. These forms, around 25 times smaller than original hardcopies, are stored on a roll called microfilm or a card referred to as microfiche. Information is preserved in a format that requires a special microform reader to view documents. In an increasingly computerized world, the need to access documents on a digital platform has grown significantly. Imagex Inc. offers microfilm and microfiche scanning to modernize file formats and allow for easy access and document sharing.

Microforms in Foundational Education

Microforms have historically been used to save office space, since they are much smaller than the hardcopies from which they originate. This allowed school districts to save student records without a vast amount of paperwork. They have also been used to store training manuals and tools, lesson plans, student academic and athletic achievement awards, and personnel files.

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Administrative Microform Scanning

In the last two decades, school districts have sought to digitize student records. Most student records from previous years are paper files that have been shrunk to microfilm. Computerizing these images so information is easily accessible will increase workflow and save time. Digitizing past training manuals and lesson plans, making them readily available for cross-referencing and sharing, will ease burdens on educators and increase the time and energy they will have to spend on students.

Most schools have academic and athletic teams that are often awarded for their achievements. In the past, these awards and newspaper write-ups were often stored on microfilm. It has become popular for booster programs to share these old articles to boost school spirit. Having these archives in a central location will make this information sharing simple and effortless.

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Human Resources Microform Scanning

At the Board of Education level, the Human Resources department can benefit from microfiche scanning. HR Professionals are required to keep documents long-term for legal reasons. Upgrading microforms to new computerized file formats will allow staff to track employee benefits, leave, payroll, and data in a more timely and efficient manner.

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