Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re seeking document management solutions for your business, you may have questions before getting started. Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about document scanning, shredding, microfilm, hardware/software maintenance, and information management in general.

What Is Document Scanning?

Document scanning is the process of using software and scanners to digitize images or text from paper to digital files. The files can then be indexed and stored digitally to ease navigation and retrieval. Document scanning helps eliminate paper clutter at your business, replacing bulky, vulnerable filing cabinets with an electronically organized system that increases security and streamlines business operations.

What Is Microfilm Scanning?

Microfilm scanning, or microphotography, is the process of reducing images to an incredibly small size that requires optical assistance to read. This technology is ideal for preserving newspapers, books, and periodicals that deteriorate over time. Microfilm is a physical, space-saving preservation method, rather than a digital archive.

Why Should I Outsource My Document Shredding Needs?

Many industries—including medical, legal, and government agencies—are required by law to shred sensitive documents. By outsourcing document shredding, you save time, keep costs down, and maintain maximum privacy protection.

What Scanning and Imaging Maintenance Programs Do You Offer?

If your office utilizes in-house scanning and imaging equipment, you need routine maintenance to keep them up and running. We offer five levels of scanning and imaging maintenance to meet your needs:

  • The Depot program comes with unlimited tech support and troubleshooting.
  • The Carepak program provides you with replacement equipment anytime your machinery acts up.
  • The Advanced Exchange program provides you with replacement equipment, just like the Carepak program, but it also includes the repair of your original machine.
  • The On-Site Service program sends a repair technician to you, which is ideal if you operate oversized machinery.
  • The Software Maintenance program keeps you updated with the latest patches and fixes for all the software products we offer. Choose from three levels of support—standard, enhanced, and premium.

What Does the Document Scanning Process Look Like?

We streamline the process to these simple steps:

  1. Meet with customer on site, over the phone, or virtually to determine best solution
  2. Review and Approval of pricing
  3. Schedule Pickup of Boxes to return to imageX Scanning Center
  4. Scan and process pilot box for customer approval
  5. Prep and scan documents
  6. Index documents and perform quality control
  7. Upload to a format of your choice (Encrypted share link, Cloud storage, USB, etc.)
  8. Return your documents, or securely shred

How Much Does Document Scanning Cost?

Our pricing depends on several factors, including:

  • How many pages/boxes of files you need to have scanned
  • Pick up fee dependent upon location
  • How much document prep is required (removing staples, paper clips, etc.)
  • Scanner setting requirements
  • Method required for file delivery
  • Whether you choose to have your documents shredded, stored, or returned to you once scanning is complete
  • What turnaround time you need

How Will You Ensure the Security of My Documents?

Your project is handled by a team of professionals, with years of expertise in the document imaging industry. Our team is required to have a clear background, and our scanning center is secured, to keep important information confidential, and safe. ImageX is highly monitored with video recording, and any remote devices cannot be used in our secure facility, unless approved. We ensure the careful and confidential handling of all sensitive documents entrusted to us. In the case of shredding services, we ask for final written authorization and provide a certificate of destruction once the job is complete.

What Is Cloud Archiving?

We make it as easy as possible to access your digital files with cloud archiving. This service allows your employees to log in, view, and download documents from any internet-enabled computer. Cloud archiving is a convenient alternative to using a physical hard drive that can only be accessed by one computer at a time.

If you have any remaining questions about the document management services we provide, please contact us today.