How to go Paperless while Avoiding Major Migration Headaches

Migration graphic

As technology is advancing, businesses and workers are looking for more ways to have any type of information accessible at any time. Whether they’re at a clients meeting, on the job, or a worksite, employees want to be able to access any document, photo, PDF file, etc. How can your company transition into a document management, or even better an intelligent information management system without the headache?

End to End Solutions

Before you’re able to migrate all of your information or documents over, you want to have it easily accessible and in the correct format. Sure, you could spend hours, days, weeks, even months organizing all of that information and scanning in those documents yourself, but what good is that? Instead, you could outsource all of it to a document scanning & management company (we recommend ourselves).

The benefit of this is that you can get high volume bulk scanning done for you, so the work gets done quicker and cheaper than if done in house. You can also request that all of your files are OCR (optical character recognition), meaning that all the text in the documents that are scanned in are actually searchable with any text in the document. This takes your information management to another level, as certain software’s allow you to search for documents my keyword relevance. Ex. (you type in “data for suppliers”, the software will search for those words in any of your documents and give you the one with the most relevance)

Migration Made Simple

So, what’s the next step after you’ve had all of your documents converted into digital files? You could store them on a USB or shared network drive within your company, but what good is that. Migrating all of your information into an intelligent information management system is your best bet. Migration with all of that information can seem like a hassle, but with Imagex we make it as easy as a click of a button to import all of your data, and we can even help you organize your information to “digital folders” so that you can easily access any document and hit the ground running with little to no downtime.

Migration may scare you or your company, and if not done correctly, can be a hassle. With Imagex we make it headache free and allow you to take all of your information to the next level. Contact us to learn more and see how you can avoid those major migration headaches when converting to the cloud.