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Purpose of our Document Management for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations’ missions are geared toward raising awareness and funds to serve their communities. They often work with the local community to fill gaps related to resources and services. Nonprofits require an immense amount of time and money spent on maintaining paperwork and advertising costs. Nonprofit organizations could potentially have decades of archived resources throughout the organizations history. By using imageX, Inc.’s document scanning solutions, nonprofits won’t only maximize their time and money, but they will also be able to optimize their security procedures.

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Nonprofits | Document Management for Charities
Nonprofits | Document Management for Charities

Save Money With Our Nonprofit Information Management Services

A large portion of a nonprofit’s costs are associated with administration, accounting, and advertising/marketing. Organizations that adopt a document scanning system will spend less on paper, printer supplies, and printer servicing associated with administrative operations. This will allow them to spend more money on resources that can directly impact their community and further their cause. According to a nonprofit Advertising Benchmark study, the median amount a non-profit spends on advertising expenses if over $12,000. Many nonprofits still using direct mail campaigns for marketing and advertising. Digitizing paper mail campaigns can save on these expenses by eliminating the need for printing and postage.

Save Time With Our Nonprofit Document Management Services

Digitizing doesn’t just maximize savings; it increases the amount of time employees have to collaborate with each other and their donors. Digital advertising campaigns grant nonprofit staff members the ability to successfully track individuals who are most likely to donate to their cause. Digital content management makes data entry easier and gives quicker access to vital information. Automating these different processes gives employees more time to spend on crucial projects and creates a direct, hassle free link to prospective contributors and eases the burdens of managing and tracking donor data.

Nonprofits | Document Management for Charities