Is a paperless strategy right for your company?

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In the majority of industries, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Properly implemented, the right paperless system can decrease costs, increase productivity, and streamline every aspect of your business. In short, a paperless management plan from Imagex can put your company miles ahead of the competition, but the best way to determine if the change is right for your company is to answer a few short questions.

Would your company benefit from increased employee productivity?
Do you track the number of people-hours that your employees spend creating, tracking, misplacing and reprinting, filing, and ultimately purging paperwork each month? By switching to a digital file management system, you can replace the time that employees used to spend maintaining mountains of papers with the simple click of a mouse.

Is your employee pool heavy at the administrative end?
Quantifying the need for administrative staff in a business setting can be complicated. Consider the number of employees whose jobs include a significant percentage of time spent handling paper: purchase orders, inventory reports, event schedules, etc. These positions could be combined into one when you institute a paperless management system, allowing your company to reallocate those assets to an area that needs additional talent.

Would decreasing costs benefit your bottom line?
Nearly everyone laughs when they get to question three. After all, is there any business in any industry that wouldn’t benefit from a decrease in operating costs?

The obvious savings in transitioning to a paperless system are, well, eliminating the hundreds upon hundreds of reams of paper, right? Additional frequently overlooked savings include the cost of the ink used to print on the paper, the wear and tear on the printers and copiers, the cost of the square footage filled with the filing cabinets used to house the records, and even the cost of disposing of all that paper. It can be quite eye-opening to add up all of those expenses and, if it’s a paper-related expense, it could be an operating cost reduction!

If you answered “yes” to even one of the questions listed, contact us for more information on how taking your records into the digital age can help your business maximize results.