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Opening paper mail can be an annoying and tedious process for employees. Mail scanning is a service that opens and scans mail for businesses to ease these burdens. Imagex Inc. is a trusted mail scanning provider that will ensure secure and efficient digital mail delivery. Adopting a mail scanning system to store and organize mail offers convenience, security, error reduction, remote access, and the opportunity to save time and money.


Using mail scanning services can help protect mail from loss or theft. With less paper flowing through the office, there is less risk of important mail landing in the trash or the wrong hands. Many of the documents that are mailed to businesses are legal or financial in nature. Digitizing this mail will protect employee and client information that may be confidential.

Reduce Errors

Although human error is inevitable, adopting a system that will store and sort mail more easily will reduce the number of times mail is lost or misfiled. The digital scanning system works to sort and file mail more quickly and efficiently while also eliminating junk mail. Because information is easily managed and tracked, office productivity will increase.

Remote Access

During the pandemic, many employees were required to stay home. Some employees have transitioned back to the workplace while others have found a new normal wo home. Digital mail has made remote work easier than ever. Employees can readily access and share information with colleagues from anywhere!

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Time & Money

When businesses implement mail scanning, they are giving their employees more time to spend on tasks that will benefit their companies. Studies show that 20% of employees spend over one hour per week sorting through physical mail. Incoming mail is often distributed by a person to a specific department and is then shared with other departments as needed. Digitizing this mail will create a more efficient workflow, allowing mail to be distributed almost instantly. Colleagues can also access, share, and discuss information quickly and effectively.

Using mail scanning can save companies money by reducing operational costs. Less paper mail means less equipment needed to save, store, and/or shred. With digital filing systems in place, companies can reduce their need for bulky filing cabinets, which can open office spaces and create a better work environment.

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