Make HIPAA Compliance Easier with EMR Conversion

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Information security is serious business in the medical industry. Not only is it absolutely essential to keep your files up-to-date and easy to find, you have to ensure their protection from every security threat. But keeping your records paper-bound is not a guarantee that they’re safe from security threats. Here’s why:

Physical penetration tests almost always get the test information.

You may have heard of penetration testing in cybersecurity departments: it’s when security and computer systems are tested to see if they can prevent hacks, malware, and unwanted bots from getting into protected files. But there’s also penetration testing for physical environments like offices, file rooms, and more. In these tests, it’s almost always possible for someone to get where they shouldn’t just by acting like they have a right to be there.

You can’t track the movement of physical records.

Online information can be monitored every time it’s accessed or modified. A series of date stamps, unique user codes, and backup copies let your control department know who accessed what information and when, as well as what they did to it. This means you can know with greater certainty if someone downloaded a copy of the information, viewed something they shouldn’t, or has access their position doesn’t require. You can’t maintain the same level of scrutiny on paper copies, even with key fobs and cameras.

Paper copies get left out for casual perusal.

Paper copies are easier to left unprotected, especially if your employees need them on a day-to-day basis. Patient files can be left out on a desk or left in an unlocked drawer. It’s much easier for someone to glance over at someone’s desk or even open a drawer when no one’s paying attention to access information on a computer that automatically locks after a period of time with no activity. And even if nothing goes wrong, even the potential risk is a HIPAA violation.

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