3 Reasons Why Schools Need Secure Document Shredding

Document shredder and papers on table, closeup

Did you know that schools are a primary target for identity thieves? That’s why it’s important for schools to do everything possible to keep the personal information of their students and staff secure. Many schools turn to document shredding since it can prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Still not convinced? Here are several reasons why your school should consider partnering with a vendor like Imagex to take care of your secure document shredding needs.  

Reason #1: Document Shredding Will Prevent Thieves from Stealing Sensitive Information 

Millions of Americans are victims to identity theft. Shredding sensitive documents that contain personal information such as a student’s name, address and social security number can prevent thieves from using it to commit fraud. 

Reason #2: Document Shredding Can Keep Your School Clutter Free

Document shredding can also help clear up space around your school and keep it clutter free. Both students and staff will appreciates working in a clean space that does not have an endless pile of outdated paperwork. 

Reason #3: Document Shredding Can Help Maintain Your School’s Reputation 

Lastly, document shredding can help prevent identity theft and allow your school to keep its stellar reputation. Imagine what would happen if someone got their hands on documents that contained personal information about your students. That type of security breach would severely damage your school’s reputation. Parents would start to question the administration and your school would receive bad press. 

In conclusion

Document shredding is a great solution for schools who want to protect the identity of their students and staff. Besides keeping your school clutter free, document shredding can also prevent thieves from stealing other people’s information and help your school maintain its reputation of being trustworthy. 

Contact Imagex for Your Document Shredding Needs 

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