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What is Microfilm Scanning?

Microfilm scanning, also called microphotography, is the reduction of images to such a small size that they cannot be read without optical assistance. This amazing photographic compression often results in 99% space saving. The microfilm scanning service is one of the most extensively used and common practices in modern reprographic science.

The remarkable increase in microfilm scanning activities is due to the recognition that a large portion of books, periodicals, and newspapers are deteriorating because of the poor quality of paper and print. The use of microfilm scanning for almost 70 years has provided an excellent reproduction method for recording photographic images of printed materials.

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Advantages of Microfilm Rolls

Microfilm can bring various advantages, such as the document being reduced to one-thirtieth of its area. It can also save floor space by reducing the number of documents being used. It can also allow the security and safety of documents to a certain extent. The microfilm records are a bit more durable than documents but do have a timestamp that can be affected by environmental factors.

Advantages of Microfiche Sheets

There are many advantages to Microfiche, such as the fact that a storage cabinet can hold thousands of Microfiche cards, containing thousands of pages in material. There are also special machines, such as the STViewScan III, that allow you to read them and even alter the content for clearer visuals. Some storage methods used in the past that were based on technology that no longer in common use, which can make accessing the data difficult.

ST ViewScan 4

The Leading Microfilm Scanner

The ViewScan 4 takes the greatest features from earlier award-winning models and is combined with modern software and usability to deliver an all-new user experience. It’s equipped with a range of cameras including a native 18-megapixel image sensor camera. In addition, each scanner comes with a three-year factory warranty.

The ViewScan 4 also comes with an optional PC. Securely connected to the base of the scanner, the PC comes with the ST PerfectView software installed. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the PC and you are ready to scan! The mouse can be an optional item as the ST PerfectView is designed with touch screen capabilities.

The ViewScan 4 includes a powerful new tool—the ST PerfectView. With this, you can quickly read headlines without waiting for the image to refresh and become clear, crop articles, and scan an entire page. Each scan is then saved in a variety of different formats, stored, and can be revisited at any time.

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