Simplify Your Solution for Converting Your Paper Workplace to Digital & Paperless

Futuristic graphic with digital document

There is no shortage of providers for each of the hardware and services that help facilitate the conversion of paper enterprise documentation to a digital one. Text and image capture and enhancement, software, storage, backup, and workflow integration are almost all available individually, on the open market. But an organization making the giant leap into online access and utilization is now looking at clear-cut advantages to single-sourcing the entire conversion, with an eye towards process optimization.

Whereas individual vendors usually introduce issues with gaps in functionality, poor compatibility and vague responsibility, a company like Imagex offers a full portfolio of proven, relevant solutions, fully customizable to your individual workflow, all under one roof.

For instance, we offer comprehensive industry-specific solutions that already address many of the specifics facing your particular organization’s focus, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

  • And others…

Those solutions combine a portfolio of proven, state-of-the-art image scanning hardware with enlightened software solutions that perform many of the most routine functions, such as:

  • Information management, for finding, sharing and securing documents from customer records to financial reporting and email management

  • Financial processing, including electronic item processing for location and merchant/customer capture

As an added benefit, most Imagex solutions extend all the way to mobile device output, enabling our customers to handle forms, estimates, word orders, audits, invoices, workflow and more on the most compact and convenient platforms of all.

Integrating the many components of a digital document conversion on a piecemeal basis promises more headaches than solutions. Choosing a single, integrated solution takes advantage of our years of experience developing the most reliable technologies available, and more important, optimizing how they work together in your unique workspace. For more information, contact Imagex.