We carry the latest in Document Management Software such as M-Files. What if it didn’t matter where a document was being stored or which system manages it? Imagine if information could be easily organized and managed based on its value and relevance. The future of enterprise content management is here. We can provide M-Files, APP Xtender & Image Silo. 



We carry the latest in financial software such as C21 Express, Remit 32, ProofPC32, and Jaguar.


Decrease costs and implementation risks.



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 Document Management Software Systems FAQ

Will Imagex document management and financial software solutions integrate with our current office systems?

Our software typically integrates well with MS Outlook, MS Office, and other common operating systems and communication and scheduling software. This integration helps to boost your company’s organizational ability, efficiency, and productivity. Reach out to us to discuss your integration needs and the office operations software you use.

Is software from Imagex accessible and easy to use via mobile devices?

Mobile devices are crucial to the daily functioning of most companies today. Imagex will set up your systems so that you can quickly and easily read, edit, and refer to documents on the fly. Intuitive, easy-to-understand interfaces allow you to get started quickly. Our document management and financial software work seamlessly at your office, your clients’ offices, or anywhere in between. You can also eSign documents remotely via mobile devices.

How do I decide between cloud document storage vs. on-premises storage at my Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC business?

Cloud security is excellent and continually improving, but risk is always present. In addition, cloud space can be costly. These issues of security and cost, however, are also present if you store documents at your physical business location. When storing on-premises, you’ll incur the cost of space and you may need to add a staff member to take care of maintaining the files. Security at your location also comes with a cost and is not perfect. You’ll need to balance your concerns around security, accessibility, and cost, to determine which document storage solution makes you the most comfortable as you run your business.

How can meta-tagging improve my document and information access?

As we’ve seen on the web, metadata tags provide an excellent, robust, and user-friendly organization method for information. Imagex offers M-Files and related software, capable of scanning documents, filing, and when needed, displaying them — all according to their relevance to your searched project or subject matter. This is a fast, efficient way to access all related documentation and information.

What capabilities does your financial software offer?

Our financial software solutions include:

  • Proof of Deposit Solution
    ProofPC32™: A comprehensive proof-of-deposit solution for financial institution transaction processing
  • Cash Letter Processing
    Created for financial institutions that don’t need complex image statement processing
  • Remote Deposit (Merchant Capture) & Pmt. Processing
    Jaguar: This software captures check images for deposit via electronic transmission and creates an archive for you

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