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    M-Files Global Partner Conference 2020

    North America Partner of the Year Nominee


    Imagex has been nominated for North America Partner of the Year at the 2020 M-Files Global Partner Conference! As a trusted source for Intelligent Information Management for over 30 years, this nomination reflects the importance of the work Imagex is doing in this industry.

    M-Files: Your Solution for Document Organization

    Imagex provides enterprise information management systems from M-Files. M-Files help enterprises find, share, and secure documents in various industries such as healthcare, law, and finance. We can handle any size tasks from customer records to expense reports to email management and more. The M-Files document management system is great for any size business. 

    Give us a call at 703-883-2500 or contact us online to learn about our information management system.

    What is M-Files?

    M-Files is a DMS (document management system) software program that has been recognized for its ease of use in helping small to medium-size businesses organize and centralize digital files.  

    How Does the M-Files System Work?

    The M-Files system organizes your digital business documents using tags and metadata. This digital indexing, storage, and retrieval system helps anyone in your organization, with proper permissions, to access the latest version of a business document.

    Users can also access all documents that relate to a particular project, whether the document was created by the marketing team, sales department, or accounting group. You could think of it as a very accurate, current, and secure search engine from which to retrieve company documents for any business purpose.

    M-Files Features and Benefits

    Your company produces a vast array of documents each day, and M-Files keeps them organized, current, and safe. Here are just some of the advantages of our M-Files document management service:

    • Serves as a well-organized central digital repository for all documents produced by your company.
    • Reduces reliance on paper files, improving information access and security.
    • Saves employees time by eliminating the need to gather files and information from a variety of departments, which may each have different filing systems. This is especially difficult if some documents are on paper, while others are digital. M-Files organization results in increased productivity for your firm.
    • Improves service to your customers or clients by keeping all necessary information in a central location at your fingertips, for quick retrieval of the most recent, accurate data.
    • Increases productivity to save your company money. Documents are easily accessible from any device, anytime. No more struggling to gather necessary information quickly.
    • Allows for company-set security and access protocols, like passwords, to protect sensitive or proprietary files from public view throughout the company. This reduces business risk, ensuring that human resources or payroll information is shared only with authorized individuals at your company, for example.
    • Ensures strict version control, so that staff members have the most up-to-date form of every document. This helps you make solid business decisions based on the M-Files data.
    • Helps you maintain regulatory compliance. Especially in highly regulated industries, the M-Files document management system offers an elegant solution to quickly gather data for reporting to government agencies, industry regulators, and more.
    • Provides reliable document control and centralization. No more file confusion or uncertainty means your business can move forward confidently. M-Files eliminates dealing with different filing systems kept by different departments, or individuals, in your company.

    With M-Files at Imagex, you enjoy peace of mind that all your business documentation is accurate and on hand when you need it. Contact us online or call 703-883-2500 to learn more today!

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    Quickly and easily save documents to M-Files while ensuring they can be easily discovered and accessed by others in your organization.


    Searching for and finding information in M-Files is super-fast. M-Files searches inside documents to make sure you can find anything you’re looking for.


    Check out a document in M-Files to protect it from being edited by someone else. When you’re done editing, just check it back in and others can see any changed you’ve made. 


    Dynamic views are virtual folders that organize information automatically based on what it is instead of where it’s saved. 


    Sharing documents in M-Files is as easy as a right click. Whether you need to send someone a document or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized.


    M-Files mobile makes your M-Files vault (including document and workflows) accessible anywhere—even away from the office. M-Files mobile apps are available for download from the iTunes App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) and the Windows Phone Store.


    Eliminate unnecessary recreation of documents with the M-Files document templates. Here’s how to quickly create a template that will fill in information automatically for commonly used contracts, agreements, and other documents. 


    M-Files mobile enables businesses to maintain compliance outside of the office. The e-signature capability integrated into M-Files allows for regulated businesses to approve and monitor processes… even from a mobile device. 


    Managing complex access control policies become overwhelming with the limitations of most systems. M-Files provide unlimited control over any type of content while keeping things simple. That’s because permissions can be assigned based on what something is instead of where it’s stored. 


    Simultaneously edit shared documents with co-authoring in M-Files. Check a document out in M-Files and send the co-authoring link to co-workers, work groups, and other collaborators to seamlessly edit a single document. 


    Use M-Files’ automated workflows to streamline common business processes (like contract approvals, controlled content, invoicing, etc.), stay productive, and ensure compliance. M-Files automatically monitor each step of the workflow process and send a notification when there’s something that needs to be handled. It’s simple, quick, and built in to M-Files. 


    M-Files are tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Easily save emails and attachments directly to your M-Files vault. M-Files’ smart folders know exactly what documents are and who they are related to. Watch how M-Files and Microsoft Outlook help you get things done quickly. 


    Accessing important information and documents no matter where you are is vital. The M-Files offline availability allows you to view, edit, and save documents even without access to Wi-Fi or a VPN.

    Scan & OCR

    Scan documents and automatically make them searchable with OCR technology built right in to M-files. M-files work with any USB scanner, so compatibility is never an issue. Just scan, store, and let M-files do the rest.

    Mobile Scan

    Scan documents (like expense receipts) directly to M-Files using the M-File mobile app for iPhone and iPad. See how M-Files can keep your business running smoothly even when you’re away from the office.

    Annotate & Redline

    Annotations and redlining in M-Files allows any M-Files user to add comments to a document without modifying the original Files. See all annotations and comments at once or view each bit of feedback individually.

    Give us a call at 703-883-2500 or contact us online to learn about our information management system.