Remittance Processing Services in MD, VA & DC

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  • Single coupon and single check
  • Multiple coupon and multiple check
  • Coupon only; for payments previously deposited
  • Check only; deposit with or without posting
  • Check with list, where a single check pays multiple posting accounts


  • Lookup and verify posting information
  • Internally using data loaded into the pilot INSTAPOSIT
  • Externally where data is available from a single posting application
  • Customizable posting export that can be used by a single posting application
  • Posting report


  • Simplified configuration screen provides access to all settings
  • Can be installed, configured, and tested within a couple of hours
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  • Check21 output for electronic deposit to a single financial institution
  • ACH export for electronic deposit to a single financial institution
  • Deposit report for all deposits, including physical deposits


  • Simplified workflow that processes items on demand by the user
  • Import
  • Validate and verify
  • Export
  • No automated services or tasks to maintain or configure


  • Images and data are stored locally as long as the customer wants to keep them
  • All stored images and data are available for research and reporting

Reach out to us online or give us a call at (703) 883-2500—we’re happy to answer all of your questions.