3 Reasons to Switch to Document Scanning Today

Box Storage & Records Management

Document scanning is unarguably one of the most effective ways of radically improving your business management, productivity, and success virtually overnight. There are countless benefits to switching from paper documents to scanned documents. In this post, we’ll uncover three of the top reasons for using document scanning. 

  1. You’ll Have More Office Space: Fewer filing cabinets full of documents means more space in your office. Create a less cluttered and more open office environment by ditching paper documents for digital. You can scan and store thousands of documents on one server instead of keeping them all in filing cabinets that just take up valuable office real estate. Once the paper documents are out of the way, you can focus on leveraging your space for more useful purposes.
  2. Your Data is Better Protected: Storing confidential documents in your office does not guarantee the same level of data security that document scanning and storage does. When you scan your documents, they can be safely stored in the cloud, password protected, and encrypted. You’ll even be able to ensure that scanned documents can only be seen by certain users and you’ll even be able to monitor file access activity. 
  3. It’s Better for Your Customers: Customer service will radically improve once you switch to digital scanning. Instead of filing away hoards of customer documents like bills, receipts, and sensitive information, you can have everything scanned digitally. And when this happens, you won’t need to waste paper and postage on constantly mailing documents to them; instead; you’ll be able to send documents electronically, saving everyone time and money. Why waste money and resources and why have your clients wait days to receive a document when they can get it instantly?

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