The 3 Questions You Need To Be Asking About Content Management Security


Content management security platforms have taken on added importance in recent years but did you know that they are also common targets for various hackers? Protecting content management systems is a full-time job and that is why it is important to read on and learn more about the following questions that need to be asked.

Is Regular Maintenance Taking Place?
Regular maintenance is a crucial aspect of the performance of any management system that we have access to. When it comes to content management security systems, regular maintenance is mandatory. Make sure that all updates are monitored. The importance of remaining fully up-to-date is something that cannot be stressed enough. Those who do not pay attention are placing themselves at serious risk of experiencing vulnerabilities.

What About Risk Assessment?
Risk assessment and content management security go hand in hand. Hackers are always looking for holes in these security systems and if not for regular risk assessment they may actually find something to exploit? They will be able to take advantage of these holes and make off with crucial information. It is important to assess potential incidents that take place before they have had a chance to occur. Detailed reports need to be collected on a consistent basis for this reason.

Are The Passwords Strong Enough?
This is a commonly overlooked concern. Not only should the passwords be monitored regularly but there is nothing wrong with changing them every few months as well. This is one of those actions that falls into the “better safe than sorry” category. Any password will eventually be broken if it is never actually changed. Make sure that the new password that is chosen is not similar to any of the others that have been used.

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