The Drawbacks of Shredding In House

Shredding paper

There are many reasons why companies choose to shred sensitive or confidential paper documents in-house. For several corporations, budgetary constraints are a major factor. Leadership in some companies may point to the convenience of assigning an employee to this task. After all, even the IRS has protocols for in-house destruction of paper documentation.

However, there are major drawbacks to shredding in-house. What are some of these, and how can your company make the right business decision when it comes to document disposal?

The Drawbacks of In-house Shredding

One major drawback of in-house shredding is the lack of privacy protection. Many times the employees assigned to shred these confidential documents are not entitled to see their contents; and yet they are entrusted with these papers for a certain period of time prior to their destruction, perhaps for hours, or even days.

Furthermore, even the most honest of employees has a full plate at the office. Multitasking can often lead to disaster, as the employee assigned to shred the documents may delay doing so until other tasks have been completed. He may even completely forget!

Finally, any machine needs maintenance at some point in its operational life, and shredding equipment is no different. If shredders begin malfunctioning or wearing out, then a whole slew of problems could arise. For example, untrained employees may dispose of documents that have not been completely shredded, leading to a potential security breach. And then too, think of the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment in question.

The Alternative Solution

Because of the above-mentioned disadvantages of in-house document disposal, many companies have decided to outsource their shredding to a trusted corporate partner. Here at Imagex Inc., we offer secure shredding services that fit your business needs and your budget. Contact us today to start the conversation on how you can dispose of your confidential documents in the most secure way possible.