Three Reasons to Use a Panini & Canon Check Scanner

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Most consumers are moving away from checks, turning to credit and debit cards instead for the sake of convenience. But whether you work in an industry that is still predominantly powered by check-based payments, such as municipal services, or you consistently see customers who use checks, it’s important to have a reliable scanner.

What are the advantages of using a Panini & Canon Check Scanner?

1. You have clear images for your records. The payment method has changed from the vendor keeping checks to the vendor recording an image of the check and returning the original to the customer. This helps improve security, which provides peace of mind both for stores and your customers, but it relies on clear images that can pick up details. Panini & Canon machines have superior image quality that captures watermarks, signature details, and every line of information.

2. It’s a universal brand. Even if check use isn’t common, this company’s check machines are the industry standard. This makes any servicing, repairs, and replacements easy and the cost of servicing low because you don’t have to look for a specialized technician. A commonly trusted brand also means you can order replacement cartridges and paper.

3. These machines are easy to use. The more simple your point of sale procedures, the more efficient your check-out lines or payment processing will be. This is even more essential with check payments: checks add delays even with employees trained on how to handle them. But Panini & Canon machines have simple, intuitive steps that employees can quickly complete even if they only receive checks irregularly.

No matter what business you work in, you need to have a machine and process set aside for the checks you receive. Go to Imagex here for more details about how to find the right check scanner for your store or office.