Upgrade to the Check Scanner That Pays for Itself

Canon device

Upgrading outdated equipment is one of the best choices you can make if you’re looking to save your business money and time. With check processing long being one of the banes of small businesses, it’s time to add some state-of-the-art technology to your business arsenal. Imagex is proud to carry the CR-190i II.

The CR-190i II can process an incredible 190 checks, both sides, at one time. Financial institutions will especially benefit from the speed and efficiency of the CR-190i II. And with its 250-item Automatic Document Feeder, you can scan items of all sizes and types. Tickets, business cards, coupons, envelopes, there is no document the CR-190i II can’t handle.

In addition to speed and efficiency, the CR-190i II provides:

  • High-volume remittance processing, lock-box, and back-office/branch capture.

  • Real-time dynamic four-line endorsement.

  • Fine text filtering, for higher resolution images.

  • Magnetic/optical character recognition, a step up from the typical OCR technology.

Bundled with the CR-190i II is the Silver Bullet Ranger API, which finally enables you to use any check scanner with any item processing software. Your business will not suffer the burden of incompatibility in this area anymore.

The CR-190i II is also environmentally friendly, meeting standard guidelines for energy efficiency. And with its convenient desktop design, you will also save space in your bustling work areas.

Extension beyond the initial, one-year warranty, is possible with Imagex providing eCarePAK options that will save your business money in post-purchase maintenance.

Contact us at Imagex and begin modernizing your business today by upgrading to the CR-190i II.