What are the obstacles for an intelligent information management system?

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An intelligent information management system can change the entire dynamic for your company. Adopting it can lead to budget waste reductions, employee downtime reduction, and overall company organization can be improved. When installing something like an IIMS, there can be a couple of obstacles companies need to get through in order to successfully adopt one.


One of the biggest problems when it comes to adopting an IIMS is budgetary concerns, not that the software is too expensive, but that not many companies already have budgets set aside for this. It may not be on the companies mind already, or they just don’t think they want to allocate funds for it. If you do happen to get approval, it may take a couple of different steps in order to get the budget fully implemented. A lot of companies don’t realize the long term savings they’re getting by adopting an IIMS.

In house

Another concern or obstacle is have an in house “champion” someone that is ready to help implement the system. Not every company will have a set employee aside or a records manager who will typically handle this. They then have to delegate someone to help implement and adopt it.

Out of house

Another obstacle would be choosing the right vendor to implement everything necessary. This can be confusing when it comes to getting the right pricing, choosing the right software , and delegating what the vendor will do in house or out.

Intelligent information management can contain a variety of obstacles like any other wide spread company adoption, but the benefits far outweigh any of those.