Why do document scanning prices differ from vendor to vendor?


Why do document conversion prices differ from vendor to vendor?

Document scanning is becoming a common trend and necessity in this day and age for businesses who want to keep up with technology best practices. When your documents are in a digital format as opposed to only physical, it allows you to take your work mobile & access your documents at any time. As great as that sounds, how can you choose the right vendor at the right price for your budget? Not being an expert, how can you truly know if you’re getting a fair deal and the company will do great work to digitize your documents. You’ll also get multiple quotes if you do you research on various companies, so why do document scanning prices differ from vendor to vendor.


A main factor in the pricing of document scanning services is the type of technology & hardware the vendor is using. If the company is up to date, they should have a production scanner that can-do volumes of 100 sheets per minute. This will decrease your overall cost, but if they have slower scanners, it can lead to higher costs due to the amount of extra time it will take to scan documents. The technology also plays a part in the actual uploading of the scanned documents, if you’re getting OCR for you documents, then a software has to be able to recognize that on a quick basis. Slower software and computers can freeze or lag, effecting how long it takes for your employees to run quality control checks.


Companies with vast experience in document conversion will be able to give you more rates based on their history alone. Another factor that comes into play when we’re speaking about experience, is the overall experience of the document conversion employees. Document conversion employees and companies can have high turnover if there aren’t enough projects in the pipeline, as well as the factors where the more people the higher number of documents that can be converted at one time helping your bottom line.


Processes also plays another giant part in how you will get priced in document conversion. If you deal with a company who has been converting companies to paperless for years with different types of industries, you can expect a smooth process & workflow. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when it’s a new company that hasn’t dealt with many clients, the process may not be fully mastered and can lead to a shaky experience.


A big impact on pricing is the overhead the company is dealing with, and the factors associated with. There are various things that can affect this such as space, location, lease, etc. If a company is located in an expensive city with a giant space that stores other company’s documents, this could impact how much they pay in office space. Not to mention if the company has compliance & legal needs that have to be met, this can affect background checks, etc. It also costs if they need to do pickups of documents, to run the actual scanners, as well as other small fees.

There are a lot of other factors that can impact the final price of document conversion services. If you need more information or are just interested in learning more, feel free to contact us!