Why Is Mobility Important in a Document Management System?

Using a smartphone

Mobility can transform an entire company, saving you time, money, & alleviating a lot of unnecessary traveling to retrieve documents.

Mobile is Better

Mobility is essential in any document management system today, as it allows you to access your software anywhere, as well as accessing it any time. With mobility, you’re no longer restricted to solely complete your responsibilities at the actual office, allowing you to take it a step further. Imagine having all of your information at your fingertips, and being able to access anything directly from your mobile device such as blueprints, manuals, guides, etc.

Client Benefits

Another benefit to mobility in your document management system is ease of access and the benefits you give to your clients. As opposed to either waiting for someone to send you any legal documents or contracts, or using physical copies that you have to scan and email, you could implement your mobile document management software and access them at the clients worksite.

Your Bottom Line

With eSign capabilities, you can both fill out any legal forms or documents there, and with built in workflows send it to them immediately for records. This also allows for data capturing to be taken offsite, making it easier for technicians and engineers to get their job done. Imagine being able to complete service tickets on the clients site, as well as ordering any parts that is needed & more.

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