Why You Should Convert from Paper To Digital

Document management

In this day and age, businesses are starting to embrace technology more and more. This helps increase productivity and customer service and overall business efficiency. This new technology should also be used when dealing with documents. Document conversion from paper to digital includes many benefits.

  1. Increased Productivity:  Studies have found that employees can spend up to 30% of their day just retrieving paper files. Digital files can be retrieved much quicker by using specialized search options. No more having to spend extra time handling, storing, retrieving, distributing and destroying paper documents.

  2. Better Security and Compliance:  Digital documents have much more security than paper documents due to them having user permissions. There are also other security measures in place to protect your client’s information, keeping them happy as well.

  3. Accounting Simplicity:  Having digital files is especially efficient and helpful when it comes to accounting. Maintaining digital records of sales, customer information and business details will help cut down the time and resources that need to be dedicated towards entering all the needed information in the accounting software.

  4. Storage Cost Savings:  Having digital files cuts out the storage costs for paper files. There is no need for a filing room or a rented storage facility, which saves you a lot of money and space. On top of that, you are also saving on paper and printer ink, which are two smaller costs that can quickly add up.

  5. Reduced Threat of Information Loss:  If you have all your records on paper and a flood or fire happened, you would lose all of those records and all that information. However, if you have digital files, they are still saved to a cloud-based system. A regular backup schedule will also be set up to help keep all your documents up to date. You would not lose any of your files in a disaster.

Are you ready to move to digital files now? If not, that’s okay. Do some more research into it to find what is best for you. If you are ready, check out these offers by Imagex, Inc. We offer document scanning services, and we can also destroy or store your paper documents for you. Contact us today.