Digitally Transforming the Law Office


What is an Electronic Information Management System?

An electronic information management system is a software that stores, organizes, and manages digital documents. Many companies are transitioning to these systems to save money, downsize their offices, and secure their documents more effectively. M-Files is a software program that Imagex. Inc offers that provides document management to alleviate the stresses of a hard copy reliant office. Attorneys and law offices, no matter how big or small, can benefit from digitizing their workspaces.

Information Management & Law Offices

Historically, law offices have used more paper than any other industry, with an individual attorney averaging a usage of 20,000-100,000 sheets of paper per year. Even for small law offices, this is an immense amount of paperwork to file, secure, and track. Digitizing these files will lower costs, help downsize storage space, and has the perk of reducing carbon footprints.

Downsize Your Space & Save Money

By adopting an electronic content management system, law offices can lower costs by saving on office supplies and hardware maintenance. Less printing means less paper needed, less ink, and less printer servicing. Modernizing to a digital office won’t only decrease the storage space necessary for these office supplies but will lessen the number of bulky filing cabinets needed to contain client files and essential paperwork. With more available space, companies will be able to house new employees or cut their rent/mortgage expenses by subletting unused areas or moving to smaller offices.

downsizing your office with paperless solutions

Increase Client Satisfaction

Upgrading to electronic management will allow attorneys and employees to easily locate and monitor documents through the entire legal process. File sharing and editing between attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals, and administrative workers will be effortless and will increase the amount of time they have to spend on vital tasks by eliminating slow document recall and editing time. From digitally e-signing contracts to paperless billing, streamlining document processes will create faster and more efficient workflow, improving current client satisfaction while also creating more opportunities to acquire and serve new clients.

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The American Bar Association encourages transitioning to a paperless office, with legal technology expert Bryan Sims stating that going paperless is the most significant effort you can make to run a more profitable and effective law office. Transforming your office by using M-Files could be your key to saving thousands on operating expenditures, expanding your profits, acquiring new clients, and affording employees more time to spend on important projects. We realize that this undertaking can seem daunting-let us take the stress out of the process. Contact Imagex, Inc. today and let us help you downsize your law office!