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Not too long ago, education centers and schools maintained large file rooms with thousands of paper documents with records, files and all related and assorted historical knowledge about its students. However, technology has evolved to allow for those days to be in the past, as paper files can be cumbersome, faded, and, at times, disorganized simply due to the overwhelming amount of data.

Education Content Management

Today, the option exists with Imagex’s document scanning services to create an electronic content management system of all of this information, thereby reducing physical space and allowing for faster retrieval of information in a highly organized and easily accessible online system. We help you preserve years of student and school records while eliminating the time and effort spent maintaining paper records in filing systems. This allows easy retrieval of documents to access and share important information quickly. We help you eliminate the time and effort spent maintaining filing systems and retrieving documents or searching through microfiche while making information accessible at the touch of a button.

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Document Scanning in Education

Document scanning has been available for many years, but only recently has the focus been on education. With security and privacy top of mind, Imagex has helped define the process of scanning sensitive and personal documents as related to student data. The effort involved in transforming the data from paper to “soft” versions is minimal and allows for incredible ease of access not only for administrators and educators but also students and their families.

Student records can contain some of the most sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) tied to students.  These records can contain Social Security numbers, vaccination schedules, reported grades, and so on.  It is imperative that schools keep these records secure.  Scanning and encrypting these records is a great way to make sure they are not viewed by unnecessary eyes.  While physical copies can be locked in a room or a safe, these measures are not impregnable.  Encrypting scanned digital copies of student records is the only surefire way to protect the privacy of all students.

Free Up Space

Benefits also include the freeing up of space! Imagine the room that would be available to educational facilities without rooms filled with wall-to-wall filing cabinets. These spaces could instead be used for lecture rooms, art studios, science labs, or any other number of resources. At the click of a mouse or touch of a button, student information can be retrieved – thereby increasing efficiency for everyone involved.

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