The Benefits of Going Paperless in Your Office

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A paperless office strives to use the least amount of physical paper possible and instead focuses primarily on digital documents. The conversion of paper files to electronic files is called digitization, and it’s not a very difficult transition to make within a corporate environment. There are many benefits to going paperless, such as:

Time Savings

Digitized documents are stored in a central repository, which is basically a well-organized digital filing cabinet. This saves your employees the time of filing and searching through cumbersome paper documents. With a digital document management system, employees can locate files with the click of a button, which enables them to use freed-up time on revenue-generating projects. Imagex can help you and your employees easily access crucial information and perform work from anywhere, efficiently and productively, without migrating data.

Space Savings

Filing cabinets and paper take up a lot of space. Paper also has a way of piling up more quickly than it can be sorted and organized. Digitized documents can result in substantial storage space savings, especially in industries that have long mandatory retention periods for paperwork. You have increased digital storage options as well, and your digitized files can be stored either on an on-premises server or in the cloud for easy remote access.

Reduced Costs

Digitalization improves process efficiency, which saves you money. A paperless office is able to process a much larger volume of paperwork than a traditional one. A paperless office also reduces expenses for paper, printers, ink, postage, file storage space, and time spent managing physical paperwork. Employee time saved can really add up, particularly with repetitive recordkeeping tasks.

Easy Transfer of Information

Document management software compiles your digital documents using scanners or mobile capture on a camera, phone, or tablet, or by importing files. Common office applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat easily integrate with document management systems and have plugins that allow you to store your document within the content management system with only one click.

Increased Security

Physical documents are hard to track, and it’s easy for paperwork to get lost, misfiled, or destroyed. It’s also sometimes difficult to monitor access, printing, and copying of sensitive files. Document management software has advanced security capabilities that easily solve these issues. Your system administrator can set up access rights with a variety of permissions to control who can access them and when. Beyond security access, document management software also allows your organization to utilize electronic signatures and easily redact confidential information.

To learn more about the benefits of a paperless office, call the Imagex digitalization experts at (703) 883-2500, or conveniently contact us online.

Imagex Full-Service Document Management Services in MD, VA & DC

Our team can help you eliminate the headache of paper records and archives so you can focus on more important day-to-day functions within your organization. Our full-service document management solutions make it simple to consolidate your records so you can find exactly what you need, when you need it. There’s no need to worry about the logistics of the transition process; we’ll do it all for you.

Imagex provides:

  • User-friendly, comprehensive cloud-based document management software.
  • Scanning equipment for efficient, high-quality scanning.
  • Careful document preparation: We remove staples, paper clips, and other bindings for proper scanning. Sticky notes and other small pieces of paper are preserved, scanned, and cropped to size.
  • Our scanners are cleaned multiple times per day to ensure nearly perfect representations of the original document.
  • Misfeed prevention avoids damage to originals and eliminates missed scans.
  • Unique file names assigned for precise indexing, which makes it simple to find your documents in the future.
  • Meticulous quality checks: Our quality assurance team visually inspects completed scans and pulls incomplete items for re-scanning.
  • Industry-leading encryption keeps your data safe during transfer and storage.
  • Flexible, customized scanning services: We can design a service package to meet all of your specific needs.
  • Secure shredding
  • Mailroom scanning services: Your mail can be delivered to the Reston post office or to Imagex directly. We will then scan your mail and upload a daily document of its contents.

If you want to save money, increase productivity, and make access to files easier than ever, contact Imagex to get started on transitioning your office to paperless document management systems. Call (703) 883-2500 today.