Downsizing Your Space; Elevating Your Office

downsizing your office with paperless solutions

In an increasingly digital, fast-paced world, who has the time to rifle through mountains of paperwork to find what they need? Shifting to a Document Management System is the key to downsizing your office while upgrading the quality of your work, and Imagex is here to make the transition seamless! Many companies are going paperless to reduce their carbon footprint, save money, maximize the efficiency of their space, and increase the time they can spend on clients and important tasks.

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Saving Space & Money

Less paper directly correlates to less organizational equipment, like filing cabinets. Digitizing your place of business will not only create a more open and manageable office by eliminating this bulky equipment, it also offers the option to downsize to a smaller area. It can even help save money on costly rent. Due to an increased need for digital workspaces for remote workers since the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have downsized their workplaces to save money. According to Norm G. Miller, PhD, the average cost of a 120 square foot instant workspace is between $700-$800 per month. The Wall Street Journal reported that many companies sublet during the pandemic to optimize their financial resources and increase office space utilization.

Even for a small business, moving to a smaller space or subleasing can save up to $10,000 per year. Whether you intend to keep your current building or move to an office with less square footage, reducing your office space can supply you with more capital for important projects, employee bonuses, hiring new personnel to grow your business, or eliminating unnecessary staff positions. Whatever your goals, using Imagex Inc. document scanning and information management services will provide you with an excellent opportunity to downsize and improve the quality of your space.

Saving Time

Downsizing isn’t entirely about working area or staff positions. When you digitize your office, one of the most important things you are downsizing is the time employees spend sorting through and filing paperwork. This provides you and your staff with the ability to focus on more essential tasks that can positively impact your business. Going paperless uncomplicates the process of project coordination. With all files in a central location, colleagues can share ideas, make changes, and share those changes with ease. Costs will also decline when switching to an information management system.

downsizing your office with paperless solutions
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Downsize Your Office with Paperless Solutions

It never hurts to be kind to the environment. When you upgrade to an information management system, you reduce your carbon footprint! The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development has been conducting studies on the effects of digitization and has found that going paperless can decrease the number of greenhouse gasses your office produces by 63%.

Downsizing with Imagex will help you reallocate resources to more vital business operations and provide your staff with a higher-quality work environment. If you are ready to cut expenditures and shrink your company’s carbon footprint, contact Imagex Inc. today!