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Document Management Solutions in Oakton

At imageX, we specialize in all phases of document management to help businesses in Oakton like yours organize and store vital business records. We provide high-tech scanning services and microfilming. Digital scans can also be uploaded to your computer system, either in addition to microfilm storage or instead of it.

Our hardware and software maintenance services ensure that your on-site scanning equipment runs smoothly. As part of our complete set of document management services, we also offer secure shredding to destroy and dispose of physical paperwork.


Document Scanning Services in Oakton

Our scanning services produce useful digital versions of your paper documents, so you can securely store and easily access the information on microfilm or computer. With our cloud backup and archiving services, the scanned data will remain safe and organized for future reference or disaster recovery.

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Scanning Hardware & Software Maintenance in Oakton

We offer prompt and skilled on-site hardware maintenance services to keep your scanners dependably online and always ready to scan. Replacement equipment is available through our Carepak plan. Choose the hardware and software maintenance schedule that best suits your business operations.

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Microfilm Services for Businesses in Oakton

If you’d like to have a microfilm library of your business documents to preserve a large archive in compact form, count on imageX. After document microfilming, we can also create digital files to provide convenient, secure online access for your reference needs.

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Secure Paper Shredding in Oakton

Let us banish those piles of paper cluttering up your office and protect any sensitive information from prying eyes with our secure paper shredding services. We can pick up your documents on a regular schedule, or as needed and upon request.

We also offer certificates of destruction to provide you with complete assurance and meet compliance needs.

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Document Management Solutions in Oakton

At imageX, we’re document management experts, dedicated to keeping your essential business records secure and orderly. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, and countless companies and government agencies throughout Oakton trust our reliable team―and you can, too.

Set up your document management services with imageX today. We serve companies across the Oakton area. Fill out our form below or call (703) 883-2500.

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