Enterprise Information Management Overview

Man using a computer

In the old days, companies used to store all of their files in large drawers with filing systems and large number of paper documents. They then moved to storing documents on hard drives, lap tops, USBs and other storage devices. These devices hold limited memory and are usually held on site. However, those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more companies are moving to smart enterprise information management using cloud storage. These systems have tremendous benefits.

Improved Productivity

The biggest and most obvious reason to incorporate enterprise information management is the dramatic improvement in productivity. Think of the time saved when any person in the company can automatically access any document that they are entitled to access at any time. A simple search from a mobile phone or computer identifies the directory, the files and allows the employee to download them.

This is in contrast to have a single paper or file stored in a remote location. A person must be called to physically sort through files or find them on a hard drive and then email them to the needy employee. In the case that the employee is a sales person, a compliance professional, a manager or HR with an urgent need, this delay in time is unbearable. It is also extremely costly to the company.

Risk Reduction

When critical files are held in one location, there is a great risk of loss. Whether it is a natural catastrophe, an accidental deletion or trashing, or simply loosing the document in the shuffle, there is enormous risk.

Companies that take their information seriously need redundancy with the same document stored in different remote servers at the same time. This massively reduces the risk of loss and improves efficiency as documents are able to be accessed all the time.

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