Panini Vision X: A Check Scanner Better Than a Panini Sandwhich


In most industries, it’s a given how office flow is dramatically improved with the use of scanning and digitization products. Enhanced technology allows interoffice exchanges, the share of information between one’s company and clients, and all of this leverages one’s business communications. One sometimes overlooked element of scanning applies to the exchange of money. For many businesses, financial transactions occur regularly and corporate headquarters, or the patrons, need copies of their checks for records.

When it comes to whether or not to incorporate electronic communication in the office environment, it’s more a matter of which product is the most beneficial. Which product is top-of-the-line and most useful? Which product is most efficient for scanning checks?

One tool we here at Imagex, Inc. recommend is the Panini Vision X, based on its prominence in our field and useful features. The reason a company needs a reliable check scanner is that a clumsy check reader reflects poorly upon the business. A client will not feel comfortable handing over a check to, say, their insurance agent if the agent has difficulty operating a reader. Unfortunately, many old models of check scanners lack the agility found in newer models like the Panini Vision X.

The Panini Vision X boasts the latest rollouts in “MICR reading, image quality, optical recognition technology, product scalability, and document handling.” This means that it’s less of a chore to scan checks when the image captured is pure, clear, and has readability. The check processor can resize the image, make electronic copies, and do so with ease.

When revamping office technology, remember to update check scanning equipment. Customers and office staff alike will appreciate hiccup-free check scans, especially with something as valuable as money. For more questions or information, contact us today!